The Cozy Afternoon at Beni’s

June 29, 2016

It’s been a while since posting a new blog update again. I was kind of busy on my third year schooling in college. Well, time sure flies really fast and I’m excited to get a hold my own degree. And also due to a lack of time management, I attempted to be lazy and did miss a lot of days which I can jot down something on my favorite notepad and pen. But now, finally! Enjoy reading ~

It was a cozy rainy afternoon after I had my Thursday class done and had a bittersweet treat with my travel blogger buddy, Jonin at Beni’s Gelato & Coffee. My one of my favorite a must visit the place because of their various delicious gelato with different assorted flavors! This is located at Art District 2, Mandalagan, Bacolod City.



As I entered the coffee shop, I walk directly and glued my eyes on the delicious flavors of the different kinds of gelato they have. They looked very tasty and I’d like to have them all! But I’m going to have it, next time.


They also sell different kinds of tea. Each teabag cost around 50 PHP.


Hello, Brewing Machine~




Savoring her first Iced Americano in the shop~



At last! Finally, we have met again, my all-time favorite dessert, the Triple Chocolate Gelato Sandwich with a whipped cream beside on it and a cherry on top.

I would rate this shop to four. It was almost to perfection. But, I wished if they could also have cakes and pastries as well since it’s also similar to the food they sell. But overall, I really love the place. It’s also good for a study place, group meetings with friends or any business related. Until we meet again, Beni’s.


Beni’s Gelato & Coffee

Art District 2, Mandalagan, Bacolod City

Visit their facebook page at Beni’s Gelato & Coffee

Or contact them at 0917 817 8476

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