May 17, 2016

Last Saturday – May 14, 2016, I attended the Kpop Summer Festival in Natures Village Resort at Talisay City, Negros Occidental. The event was hosted by Hallyu Wave Music Production. It was a perfect sunny day weather to feel the summer heat!

This is my first time attending a big K-pop event, I didn’t even get the normal eight hours of sleep because of excitement? I guess. Anyway, I will share my experience during the Kpop Summer Festival. I still can’t get rid the feeling of what I have manifested. It was worth remembering for. Even until now, I still can’t move on! There are a bit of hangover. I am still recovering and wishes to have this big event again. Enjoy Reading!



This is located near at Camp Edgar. This is their biggest outdoor facility~


I arrived at the event around 10 in the morning, I thought I was late to have my registration, but I made it on time~

I did stroll a lot around the location; there were swimming pools, playground, and accommodations as well. I was kind of lonely since I went to the event all by myself. But my loneliness disappeared as the program started.The event began with pop mini and outdoor games. I didn’t have the images because I joined the game. There was Q & A, Pass the Message, Longest Line and Running Man. It was every fun~



Maureem Malacad, the girl version look alike of BTS 김태형 ‘V’, She is so cutie pie >.< as a special visitor.

At around 1pm, the fans were screaming. I even shouted “Ooh, there are here!” pointing my finger to them. It was the 3 special guest of the event~


Kiko Santos is known as “look alike of GOT7 Im Jae Bum ‘JB PH’; Aki Canillas  is a member of  a cover group named ‘Astrogen’ as Rocky and Kenji Kim as EXO-K Kim Jongin ‘Kai PH’.



“notice me Oppa!” •ㅅ•

Before the pop singing and dancing competition began, the guests have their meet and greet plus fan signing. I was only there sitting in front of them, trying to get a few random shots and Kiko noticed me¬ */fangirling/*




Special Performance with Troublemaker Cover – ‘Trouble Maker’



귀여운 아이들 의 무리~

I had the chance to get inside backstage and it took me a big advantage to get more shots. I was being hesitant about looking what is happening at that moment, I was slightly anxious about my body if it’ll turn into a statue; I was solely awkward. But big thanks to 언니 Tyra!, She helped me a lot to the guests, visitors and contestants to get a photo of them, I owe you big time eonnie~


It feels like a bit surprising after I get back from buying some snacks near at the front office, I didn’t know that the guests were the panel of judges for the rookie and senior category in the dance competition. I was actually and literally sitting beside Kenji (approximately .2 meters distant?). I couldn’t move enough because of the fans who were also beside me. Apparently, my head and my arms are only moving.

Images here below are my favorite shots! More images here.



かはいい >.<


There are also special K-pop performances from Aki Canillas, Gizibe (2ne1 Iloilo) and some K-pop cover groups here in Bacolod!~



Before the awarding ceremony, everyone greeted KM and Aki an advance happy birthday! Image above, KM reacted cutely embarrassed and Aki was dancing as we were singing the birthday song~ aegyoooo >.<


Celestials won as Online Voters’ Choice awardee


Nikka and Christian won the Kpop Singing Competition~


B4n4 won the KPOP Cover Group Summer Dance Competition (Rookie Category)


BBA won the KPOP Cover Group Summer Dance Competition (Senior Category)


Distribution of Certificate of Recognition to the guests and to the emcee ~



To eonnie chan, Thank You so much for the best unforgettable K-pop event! Another K-pop event again soon~ 축하합니다!~

(Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. However, views and opinions expressed in this post are my own. All images here are mine, please put a proper credit and don’t make any profit in it.)

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